Triple SLI

Errmm, WOW

Novatech have them listed and it caught my eye, so lunchtime I’m off up to the new shop that has opened locally to go have a play - and I’ll have the crysis demo on my usb drive :lol:

Out of interest, the motherboard listed there from what I can see is not triple SLI, but the newer chipset, teh 690i should be - but I can’t find just the board anywhere :frowning:


Aren’t they running quad SLi already?

really ? I’ve not seen one publically available ?

wow - I’m behind on hardware !!


Yebo gogo, hier is die linkage. nVidia doesn’t support quad setup anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Gigabyte were ahead of the GPU manufacturers.

Another thing, isn’t the latest chipset the 780?

You maybe thinking ATI/AMD

And thier RS780.

[QUOTE=PMM;403985]You maybe thinking ATI/AMD

And thier RS780.[/QUOTE]

Aaah yes, that would be it.

You might find this link of interest…

820w power consumption :eek: - I’ll stick with consoles!

He has been know to talk drivel though :wink: