hiya peeps :slight_smile:
AVG keeps flashing this up at me and it’s getting on my nerves now trojan horse AJGK it says it’s in windows temp files tried deleting the file but it just comes back attached to another file any ideas how i can stop it for good any help please :frowning:

Tried deleting it in safe mode?

i can delete the file but it replaces the file lol it keeps coming back in windows temp file

Try running a scan in safe mode, if that doesn’t work do the same with malwarebytes.

Try disabling System Restore, delete the file, reboot and then re-enable System Restore.

try avast then uninstall avg. I find its terrible for things like that. happened on my living room computer ages ago.

cheers guys going through them one by one …lol

Try this link to determine if there are any loop-holes in your system – - It will deliberately attempt to crash your PC browser etc. Worth a try if only to find out what can get in under the radar or what needs fixing.

Another helpful – free – utility is PC Threatfire –

I’ve pulled viruses off systems before that had similar behavior. The file the antivirus would find could be deleted but always came back. In one case, the problem was a trojan DLL and a registry entry to call it. The DLL created the program the AV would find. I found the DLL using Process Explorer and looking for unusual programs running and/or unusual DLL listings. Once I had the fake DLL name I searched the registry, found the call entry, and removed it.

In another case it was simply a few unwanted registry entries, including one in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run which was creating files.

That may or may not be your scenario, but if it is, that is what it took to remove the virus from the system. Hopefully this will help.

run hijackthis and visit to enterpret the results, if there’s something running in the background replacing the file this will hopefully find it

tried all of the above no luck though:( now it’s getting on my nerves…lol i got avast spybot and mcafee running

You might try this:

It supposedly will remove that trojan.

thanks m8 will give it a go :slight_smile:

got the little devil microsoft security essentials found it :slight_smile:

@Egad it was a dll file

thanks for all your help guys :slight_smile:

Glad you got it removed! :thumbsup: