Try this one on yer Winders box

Ok so there I am, Fedora core 2, Abit NF7-S, and a PATA drive on the SATA controller using Abit’s included little dongle.
Installs, boots, runs.
However, noticed when switching to a text console that log messages were being generated in their thousands complaining about IRQs and SATA drivers.

Not wishing to mess with it, or having the time, and given I can install Fedora over NFS, I unplugged the drive from the SATA dongle and connected to normal IDE.

Quick boot into CMOS, setup drive as primary master.

Performed a boot using the Fedora Rescue CD to recover the drive.
Well, I would have done. But I forgot to put the rescue CD in the drive :doh:

Fedora booted from the drive, complained about swap, fixed swap, rebooted and carried on untroubled.

Linux :kisskiss: :cuddle: :worship:

That specific scenario is no problem on windows 2k/XP, and even less of a problem on 9x. I usually do it the other way around. Providing windows has the drivers for the disk interface, you can move it to different interfaces no prob.

I often find myself installing windows on a single drive. Later I want to upgrade it to raid 1 (mirror). Basic procedure is to install raid card or enable onboard raid if fitted. Then let windows install drivers if not already done. Move disk to raid controller, set up mirror and boot. Detects new drive, reboot, done.