TV Card

I’m looking for the final component of my my media center, the TV card.:slight_smile:

Now I read a review in PC FOrmat the other day and it recommended the Dabs Value PVR Card (one in the review was DVB-T300)

Now I cant find that on there website.
Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

Want a PCI one, be an analogue and DVB-T tuner and preferably come with MCE type software.

This one was another one high on the list. Anyone had any experience with it?

are you looking for forward compatibility? rememer vista will soon be upon us AND the analogue signal will be turned off in a few years, it’d cost you little extra to ensuree your ready for both these eventualities.



Took delivery of a Leadtek DTV1000T this morning :smiley:
HDTV and Digital so it’s got a while for it :slight_smile: Guess it should be vista compatible because it’s MCE 2005 compatible.

Novatech - Just under £50 (thats with delivery) The review I saw it gave it good marks and was advertising at £72.
I think I may have got a bargain! :smiley:

Yet to try it out…I have no TV Licence in the flat so by standards I really shouldn’t try it but I’ll need to try it to make sure it’s not faulty. The flat downstairs has a licence and an aerial cable (Something I dont have…) so we may pay them a visit later…:wink:

Cheers for the advice anyhow