TV out

WEll i am annoyed, my lappy broke and this is what i used to have a dvd player on my tele, so i found a bargin on the internet for a 10 metre cable Video Phono, got it yesterday, tested it with my pc and could display to the tele with out a problem, so ran the cable so it didn’t go across the living room floor and now it will not display to the tele, it can see i have two monitors connected (display props 1 +2) but when ever i try to attach it and hit apply, my tft turns off and on and then says do you want to apply these changes but the tele isnt displaying anything, have now changed my drivers t the new ati form their website,put on the omega version, and ven put on the original disk that came with my gpu (saphire ati radeon 9550 256meg) and now have run out of ideas, any suggestions please to help me out would be greatly appriciated!

Thanks all

If it worked before you re-ran the cable i’d be checking the cable itself and any connection points.

the thing that crosses my mind is you may be getting interferance, from other electrical items, depends if its a shielded cable

it isn’t a shielded cabel, it was a bargin :stuck_out_tongue: , could be tho wytnrblue, it does sit with the freeview box, will have to have a check, alos i suppose the connect from the gpu card (composit to phon) is fairly old but is the one that came withthe card…hmmmm just very frustrating.

the one thing i have noticed is that it installs a secondary display adapter for the tele screen but says it is located on PCI Bus 1, but it is a AGP card, is this right or wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

well its back up and running again…the problem was when i reinstalled the drivers it defualted back to the wrong PAL settings:doh: now is working better than before…still dunno why it broke the first time round, but hey ho it works now :slight_smile: