Two instances of XP on boot screen

I’ve sorted out a m8s PC for him. His son had done a recovery install, but installed XP on the D partition and not the C drive. I couldn’t do a recovery install from the D drive as the windows files had wiped the recovery files. I got all the drivers I could from the internet and loaded XP from an OEM disc I had using his software key.

Windows works OK and loads no problem, except for a soundcard issue I can’t fix just yet. The only thing is, when you boot up the PC it gives the option to boot from two versions of XP, both of which work OK, but it looks odd. Is this an MBR problem and if so how do I fix it/make it go away please?

not sure but check out drive for a file called boot.ini prob hidden

should be able to load it into notepad… just open app -… file…open then type …boot.ini into the filebox direct should open it.

I susspect in that you will find 2 references to the C drive and the D drive windows install.

as for your sound… might be a silly question but check your bios options to see if the audio is enabled I presume it is as I presume your getting the the yellow warning symbol in device manager.

Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Startup & Recovery Settings -> Edit

Will open boot.ini in notepad so you can remove the redundant path.

Selected show all files & folders and can’t see boot.ini (this is winxp home). There are three users and two partitions. No file showing under any user. Tried search all hard drives, no boot.ini file found. Just checking system information now.

The sound is a driver issue. There is the on-board realtek and there is another PCI card (Creative I think - I haven’t taken the cover off to check) I’ve disabled the card in hardware for now and activated the on-board through the bios. He has sound for now, just not through the PCI card and I want to see what he wants me to do first.

won’t show using show all in windows :wink: will load direct into notepad even if you can’t see it.

If you do want to see it… Open a dos box and type… Attrib boot.ini -h if your not at the c:\ type… cd\

Thnaks for your help so far guys.

Just tried that from C:\ and got “Not resetting system file - C:\boot.ini”

Any ideas what this means please?

Just tried dir/w from the dos prompt and I can see the autoexec.bat and config.sys files, but no boot.ini file.

/edit Just as a by the by, is it possible to copy my boot.ini file from my own machine to this one’s C drive?

yes… do “Attrib boot.ini -s -h” :chuckle: should not get that message then.

-s = system file tag
-h = hidden file tag

Yeah!!! That’s got the sucker :D. Thanks for your help Paul. Cheers guys :thumbsup:

swap the - for a + when complete and hide it again afterwards :wink:

All done :cheers: