Two years (almost) off and now back to...

Tuesday nights club league darts, straight back into the team. Only two players are still in the team from the one we won the leagues as :trophy:

Half way through the season, just before they put the block on new joiners to teams. Quite enjoyed a few arrows the other night and have made the decision to give it a go for half a season and see if it gets me back to where I was in terms of playing level.

I got bored/annoyed at the “have to go darts” for certain nights, the committment was my problem once I started the college courses. They were passed ages ago and tbh not sure why I never thought of going back to see the team :slight_smile:

But hey, that’ll be a few crunchers down to pay for the nights out drinking, errm playing :wink:


Starting this week ??? :xfinger: :stuck_out_tongue:

:haha: :haha:

Maybe, maybe not :moon: