Ubuntu 8.10

Wow… What can I say? Has to be one of the fastest OS’s I’ve had the pleasure to run!

And I’m only using it on a Live disc at the minute!
Cant say I like the default wallpaper but that would change when it’s installed anyhow. Picks up all fours cores easy. I seem to be running at 1.6GHz at the minute as well. Time will tell if that’ll change as I know when folding, that wouldn’t adjust it back in the days of 6.10.

USB drives seem to run quicker… Certainly I’m copying 24Gb of music to external much quicker than Vista ever would. And using Firefox again, it may just be able to tempt me away from Opera again… 3.03 seems to be very smooth. Not sure about the default locations of Music, Videos etc in the Home folder but then I didn’t like Vista’s defaults either.

My logitech wave keyboard seems to have all the decent shortcut keys assigned. Time will tell if the rest work and can be made to work. Having got a free Crossover serial code in the give away last month, I think I may have come back to Linux…

funnily enough I was just looking at the ubuntu website the other day.
I’ve never tried it before but was thinking of giving it a go on this soon to be windowless rig.

Unfortunately I dont have a scooby about the linux side of things other than vague rumours.
Isnt there some issues about hardware compatability or is that ancient history?

Depends on how rare and exotic hardware your using. Give the Live CD a whirl. That should give you an idea how the system will perform when installed and you can see if there any hardware issues then.

As an aside I’m still using Vista… Went back soon after. Only for the games. Cedega and Wine just cant cut it. Even though I got COD4 running in Cedega, it was all a bit of a hassle and at least on Windows, games generally, just work.

Just added the Netbook Remix stuff to my Eee. Makes Ubuntu better for netbook. In fact it may work nicely on a large screen as well… May have to give it a try.