Ubuntu slow file copy from windows share

Have been playing around with Ubuntu 7.04 for a while, and it’s now the main OS on my mac mini.

As always I’m still learning. Most stuff worked “out of the box” (CD? :p)

One thing I just noticed is slow copying of large files off windows shares. All PCs are on gigabit, going through a single gigabit switch. I have just copied files off two different windows boxes, and in both cases the transfer rate was topping about 7 MB/s. The little network icon in ubuntu says it’s in 1000M mode, and the light on the switch confirms it is in gigabit mode and not 100M mode. I shouldn’t be disk limited, so any ideas why things are so slow? I can easily get 50MB/s between windows boxes which is hard disk limited. In system monitor, I do notice the network usage is just above 80% in Ubuntu during file copy, which to me hints that it might be in 100M mode after all?

If it helps, the windows boxes run Win2k. Ubuntu is patched up to date.

Now back to my epic battle trying to get a VirtualPC image running under Qemu…

Its more likely to be the Samba version on your Linux box.

Samba 3.xx (which I assume it runs) seems to have real performance issues at the moment, the 'net is full of tales of woe. This latest version of Samba has a lot of changes mainly due to the way Vista operates shares, and the performance seems to have taken a real hit.

There’s some really good people and an active community around Samba so I imagine it will be sorted soon - keep patching :slight_smile: