UK Bank Holiday TPR Event

30th May = Bank Holiday

Now we have plenty of people that Mojo’s is just too far etc etc.

Sooooooo, a TPR event per region, can be as extravagent as a theme park or just a set pub to all meet in, to a walk on a natural history walk.

Volunteers for regional organisation of a countrywide “TPR-Day”.

Lets get some venues looked at so we can advance booked and save a few quid. seems to have a decent enough map to split things up.

I quite fancy Beuliue (sp) car museum thing for the South.


Well no holiday here but MAMA is throwing a baby shower for the girl friends daughter today
and I think I will head out on the Hog to here!

It is an interesting ride through the pine forests of Northern AZ if you take the back roads. No rush so why not.

carefull that pothole might bend the rims and we dont want that happening :smiley:

Yep one hell of a divet! :lol:

Went to Meteor Crater when touring from Phoenix to San Francisco a few years ago

Very interesting place to visit.


We’d be up for it, but for us it would need to be somewhere child friendly for both of us to go and as we don’t have a car, it would need to be somewhere accessible by bus/train :slight_smile: We’re in Cheshire if anyone fancies meeting up somewhere with us :smiley: We can travel as far down as London I’d say, and as far up as Newcastle (although that’s quite a train journey).

Don’t know if i can help with the organisation side of it but would be happy to attend… depending on distance / place it would be just me or me and the tribe :slight_smile:

Been going to RX8 club meets and there good fun, this could only be better :nod:

At first I thought it was one of those craters left by a 25 megatonne nuclear weapons that were tested in the desert.

If I remember correctly one of them left a crater 1200 feet across by 800 feet deep and the fireball was 5 kilometers wide 30 seconds after detonation:eek:

id saddam hussain have a go at the us or the uk for having weapons of mass destruction?
lmao…wow that is a mighty big hole :smiley:

Fancy dress optional…discount for wearing rubber!! :smiley: