Ultimate Folding Motherboard


7 PCI-e slots?:eek:

Imagine the power draw from that with 7 graphics card in crunching

Wow… just need a 2.5-3.0 Kw PSU to go with it lol

Errm, think of the power supply you’d need to power those cards.

7 x GT295cards (each with 2x6pin power requirements). And then the rental costs from Tesco when u put the rig in their storage freezers out the back to keep the rig cool!

Nope…4X GT295’s are the best you could hope for, but probably only room for 3 if it’s in a case. Double wide cards!

7X 9800 GT Superclocked cards? Perfectly doable. :wink:

With all the testing it doesn’t scale well past 3 cards anyway. Also power, and heat would be crazy to handle. This is more a board for research people then the core people lending a few computers to calc stuff. It would be cool to have but wife already mad at small server farm in basement.

Tell her the heat stops the basement from getting as damp and prevents damp damage:D

You’re to funny. It would dry everything out for sure! I was talking to a friend at AMD today, and he said watch for AMD release in a few months with 4 GPU on a card. I still can’t figure out why you would ever need that much Horse Power for a screen. Man Fast is fast but WOW 4 of those would be way cool (HOT). Oh well the world of computers changes every hour!