Hullo there :D.
Please no :catfight: Also can i introduce you to :wolram: Hes a good fella :stuck_out_tongue:
But chill out kick back and relax and enjoy the ride that is TEAM PHOENIX RISING.
May i introduce you to some Seti perhapse. with a little boinc on the side?.
WOOT my first :Pimp:
Welcome :wink:

andy, u couldn’t :Pimp: even if u paid them

lol…you guys are mad!

:eek: I never realised you mean I’ve been chatting with a load of
geeks that are a few blueberry’s short of a fruitcake all this time

Hi to all you mad people :sarcwave:

You have to be a little mad to get through life :wink: Though Endre I think
is the maddest, I mean what sort of person make a trip all the way
from Norway to come to our ‘Mojos’ get-togethers :cuckoo: :wink:

Cutting a long story short Mojo’s is a gathering of us forum members
that’s been occuring since 2002 if my memory serves me correct in a rather
nice middle of knowhere county Pub… ‘yes’ Pub :wink: owned by Mojo
one of our founding members…generally covering Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

Some of pics can be found here…>

And where you can see our Admin get sloshed :wink:

WoW PMM thats one hell of a mojos pitch…wana sell my ebay stuff ? :lol:

lol “buy my stuff, so i can get :wasted: with the money”

a quote taken from the above post

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this can only mean that …

a) All the pubs within a 5 mile radius of DT have burnt to the ground
b) DT has somehow run out of ready cash (or the landlords are refusing anymore tabs behind the bar)
c) He came home early 'cos he lost at darts

maybe he ran out of cash,
so therefor couldn’t get drunk enuff to play darts properly [as everyone knows u have to be completely off your head to throw]
and hit an eletrical wire, and burnt down the pub…

All this crunching sounds like fun.

At the moment, I am planning my wedding vow renewal ceremony, so all my thought and waking life away from work is focussed on that.

However, after 24th June I would very much life to start doing some stuff. I guess I’m going to have to be pimped properly to get my attention :wink:

/me goes to pratice the song and dance routine… (maybe a duette?)

…more like a duet under the duvet if Kirstie gets her way :smiley:


nah … I’ve got to go to work, Kirsty can have you :lol:

@ Wormss I am the :Pimp: daddy :wink:

who is Kirstie? And wormms…you come from Coventry?

She would be the one holding the lead on Wormss’ choke collar.

ahhhh that would make sense!

actually, kirsty wears the choker… and i got pictures to prove it ;)…

yes, coventry

you did a good job :slight_smile:

Excellent…spent 18 years in Holbrooks for my sins!