Uncle Sam wants You!

to pay your taxes! It is getting to be that time again. April 15th (this year the 17th because it falls on a weekend) is tax time on this side of the pond.

This year had to be the most painful compliation of forms to fill out to date. I just spent 7.5 hours of shear greif and pain pouring over tax forms, reporting statements for stocks, bank accounts, mortgage interest, charitable contributions, income, etc etc … No 2 are alike, the stock reports give you your pay outs but never your cost basis to help determine you gain, Damn folder is about 3/4 of an inch thick, and I have not even printed out my copy. At least Turbo Tax does all the calculations, checks the forms for completness and sanity for a mere $80, then they nick you another $30 to file online.:eek: At least I get some of my money back from the red, white & blue vultures for a change of pace.

It is absolute madness :cuckoo::mad: :frowning: When is the government going to wise up and used a simplified flat tax, no deduction kind of system, or even a VAT. :eek: I actually think the rich get away with not paying, you can protect yourself if you have a business to bury stuff in like your new Hummer. Us working smucks get stuck haulling all the freight. Personally I would prefer a VAT, buy big and pay big. be frugal and save your tax load.

Well anyway it is done, filed online with refund being direct deposited. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the reminder…

Thank God my taxes are simple. Otherwise I’d just pay to have it done. Paying Uncle Sam isn’t worth the gray hair and lost blood vessels.

Seems we’re lucky over here, the damned thing comes all filled in in the mail you just have to check it and then text a cellphone message and it done:)

Thankfully I contributed a lot to charity last year or I might not have gotten a dime back. Still not sure how that happened, I usually get a fair bit back.

My mother-in-law works for the IRS, handling every tax return each year through her department. Scary what the IRS is doing these days.

The problem with with Flat taxes and sales taxes they both unproptionally hurt the poor. due to the huge proption of ther buged must be spend on survival means they have very little to save or other decrtionary activites.

I think if they exempt the basics of food and prescriptions that arguement pretty much goes away.

only on sales tax.

Will no problems over here mind :smiley:

Well yeah…true the only tax forms I fill in are ones at working declaring I’m a student and I want my tax on my wages back because I’m only working for the holiday :stuck_out_tongue:

Saying that I just had to refill in my student loan form for next year…god dam that was a nightmare the first time…thank god for the simple second year form…

Also lucky…I’m starting a proper record of all my spending in an Excel sheet cobbled together. Fingers crossed it works properly. Just had to fiddle the amount of cash I had today by 50 pence to get it to line up to my current bank total…something I hope I dont have to carry on doing…

It’s scary when you do find out where your cash goes. I used Quicken 6 (came free on a magazine disc) and it showed me that I was spending about £750 a year on lunch alone. Needless to say I make my own lunch now. :smiley: