Unethical ways to save money...

A man has divulged his ingenious way to avoid paying for daily parking.

An Ask Reddit thread set up on Wednesday asked: “What’s an unethical way you save money?”

While some people revealed using cheap, foreign coins to wash their laundry or buying OAP cinema tickets online, it was this entry that drew the most admiration…

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I work downtown in a city where monthly parking is easily $150+ per spot. My wife and I both have to drive due to schedules, so it would be double that.

Found out that the casino downtown here gives you free parking daily if you bet $10....so we go and play roulette daily....she bets $10 on red and i bet $10 black and each ask for our parking validation. One of us always wins (which doubles one of the $10 bets)....so we get our $20 back...boom...free parking.

There has been the odd time it has hit 0. In that case we each just lose $5 each and parking costs us $10 total for the day.

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Nice one! One way out of the nightmare that is parking in major town :slight_smile:

Clever… :wink: