Universe: Draco Account

Universe: Draco
Rank 2816
Points 1826

Due to time restraints, I would like to give this account away to anyone that may be interessted in it. Trying to play in 2 different universes is too much for me.

Private message me if interested, I will try to continue to work on it until I find it a home.

Curently the account is in TPR, but under newcomer status.

Rank: 2556
Points: 2325

Building and defenses are in que.

Astrophysics is being increased to level three, and hopefull to level four, either tonight or tomorrow.

Updates to the account will continue to be posted.

** Astro Physics is now being upgeaded to level 4, and as colony ship is being built.

Rank: 2366
Points: 3126

Three planets, last colonized has 203 fields.
Shipyard is being increseased to level 8 on one planet as I type.

Any takers message me!

Draco Acount still up for grabs.

Rank: 2166
Points: 4131

Rank: 1970
Points: 5124

as of 08/19/2010
Rank: 1946
Points: 5291
Please any players interested in this account please send me a message.
3 planets , and on level of hyperspace drive away from making battleships.

RanK: 1936
Points: 5335