Unix Dabbling

Fancy having a unix system to fiddle about with but dont want to mess about burning cd’s and the like ?

Then have a go with this guide

It goes through setting up a complete virtual machine using Oracles Virtual box and getting it running a copy of Ubuntu.

Took me about 15 minutes plus downloading to get it running on a laptop.
Oddly firefox in the virtual seems more responsive than running native on the same laptop :confused:
Probably because its not cluttered with cookies and nonsense yet.

This looks good. Not going to try it on my vista lappy, but do-able on my xp main box. Cheers tfw :thumbsup:

VirtualBox is excellent - I remember when Sun released it :slight_smile:

It also runs Redhat Enterprise Linux (free trial version) pretty well :thumbsup:

I’ve become more a fan of Mint than Ubuntu recently. A few tweaks to the desktop and it’s a much better system out the box.