Unlocking a phone

I’ve just got myself some free SIM cards for O2 as I got a leaflet with an Amazon order and I’ve been considering moving to there fancy PAYG deal (Text Anytime).

Unfortunately (?) I’d prefer to keep my phone (my V3). Now it might turn out that I can use O2 fine (as I’m currently on Tesco which uses O2 as a provider) but in case I dont I need to get my phone unlocked. Has anyone done it or knows somewhere reliable where I can get it done?

In my local town there is a shop that started out business as a clothes retailer but has slowly got to the point where its now a mobile phone seller…

they unlock mobile phones there for as low as £5 depending on age of phone and such…

Do you not have a smallish phone shop local ? or I think even Time to Talk to mobile unlocking… check around the phone shops… someone is bound to do it!

All you need is a code to network unlock

Been a while but their are interent sites that will supply you the relivant code for a small fee.

Essentially what I did with a Orange Mobile to use O2.

There was a local shop just around the corner from me that probably done.

When I get the SIMS I’ll check and then see.

Tesco have to give you the code to unlock its the law. They may charge you, but they can’t refuse. Local shop may be cheaper.

Think there is a guy in the St Johns centre in Leeds that will unlock them for £5-10

Cheers Kef. :slight_smile: I’ll check it out this weekend. If I’m not to distracted by the german beer festival…I mean German Christmas Market :cheers:

do a google there may be an app that will give you the code, when I did my Nokia a quick google brought up an app that gave me the code based on the EMI number of the phone.


Actually think I have it somewhere :chuckle: doubt I’d find it though burried in the clutter of my HD :frowning:

Downloaded an app that unlocked it. Wont post the link here but if someone wants it I’ll PM them.

Seems to have worked as after I stick the O2 sim in, the main screen says 02-UK rather than Tesco :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just have to remember my number :lol: