Up and comming events forum ?

Just an idea to ponder over…

After seeing a post by DT in relation to a doctor who music concert thingy it got me pondering because many interesting events take place that unless you know there happening you just don’t know.

I thought there must be things TPR’ers go to or stumble across that are worth consideration in going, I remember the time myself & Ciccio had a great time at the Bristol Hi-fi show.

So something to ponder… is it maybe worth while trying out a forum for events happening in a certain month ? (One thread per Month and posts in a thread for differing things).

For Instance… today I will be trying to secure Tickets for…
[li]Goodwood festival of speed occurring between the 11-13 July
[/li][li]Farnbough Air show occurring between the 14th & 20th July

Just an idea :idea: at the end of the day.

Have to admit, quite like this idea. Maybe expand a little with review of said event with best bits to see.

Nice suggest PMM, gets my vote.

have you seen anything that is likely to do this integrating with the calendar function ?


Nope, not sure its a good avenue to go down with the calender function… opens up one more area for spammers.

But I believe admin cpl - user group - can be changed to allow registered users to post public events to the calender .

But to work successfully that way your stuck to assigning people to a group.