UPDATE: no news day 14/07/04

Sorry chaps looks like the site I’m using has gone down today so no news :frowning:

I have an excel sheet that I will start to use as a backup once I find someone who can update the names/team…etc on it.

News will resume as when the site is back up or the sheet gets sorted.


Thanks for the effort Curly. :thumbsup:

cheers for the effort, i should have made it back into the hitters today :doh:


Dp’s stats are back up and running, but now LM stats have failed to update since 07/15/2004 9:00:11 PM


I do actually have some free time this weekend, so if I remember i’ll have a look at the spreadsheet :p.

Is there any news on when the LM servers or system will be fixed.

I just done a big 2k dump this weekend and are planning a 1k this weekend.

Ohhh err it still hurts :slight_smile:

just been over to the LM forums HERE

And this was posted as an update from Ricardo (iirc client programmer)

Hi, Lifemappers,

   In behalf of the remaining Lifemapper team (Aimee and I, the developers and Scott, the web guy), I would like to give you guys an update on the project status.
   As you all know, Greg has left our team recently. He was in charge of most of the Lifemapper server components and the daily maintenance routine. Since he left we have been working hard to catch up and incorporate Greg's tasks.
   Most of the delay in taking action to correct the problems you guys reported lately was due to the fact that we didn't have a complete development environment setup that allowed us to make changes to the existing server components and deploy them to the server. We also had little knowledge about some of the components Greg wrote recently. Aimee has been working hard on it and we are close (very close) to having the development environment up and running in our workstations.
   Second, during the last 3 weeks we were tied up to other projects that were about to be released, so that consumed a lot of our time. Some of those projects are out the door now, so we will be able to allocate much more time to Lifemapper.
   Once we fix the current problems we intend to add a load of new environmental data to the server that will allow Lifemappers to crunch data for marine species. That will increase significantly the amount of data that needs processing. We expect that this will keep the clients busy with new data for a while, and that it will produce exciting new results for the Website visitors as well.
   Well, that is where we are at. We will try to keep you up to date with the current developments.
   Thanks for your patience. We expect to be up and running at full capacity again fairly shortly.

Ricardo and the Lifemapper team.

also saw this posted by halfLM (Aimee) from the LM admin team

The pipeline is working and we are receiving your results, but I am trying to figure out why the stats page is not being updated. The DB has also slowed down a bit this morning, because of multiple jobs starting at the same time, but I expect to have the problem fixed before too many jobs are cached.

We’re trying to keep you all updated at the same time we fix the problems, but sometimes when we are having trouble with something we forget to let you know what’s happening. I have a new appreciation for the breadth of issues our departed colleague was taking care of.

Hope this answers a few Q’s allen


Thanks Curly