Finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade from 384KB to 1024KB and man what a difference:nod:

Only bugger is price and the way it’s structured.

As far as I understand you guys pay one price for “ADSL” right? Well we pay 3 prices and they’re as follows.

Physical copper rental - R87-00
ADSL ISP account - R342-00 (10GB cap, if I want a 30GB cap i’ll pay 3 times the price. If I want uncapped i pay R1899-00 and they’re all shaped services)
1024 MB service - R670-00

That’s a total of R1099-00 or almost 100 quid:eek: for a 1MB line.

Thats expensive, if I have this right, I pay one price for 2mb cable = £24.99, for ADSL you have the line rental price + the ADSL account price, prices and speeds vary,dependant on which ISP you use.


Basically that’s it.

We can choose from 1 provider only for the line and the ADSL functionality which is Telkom. From that we can choose what ADSL speed we want 192/64, 384/128, 512/256 and 1024/384 and the prices vary as you go up. After that we still have to pay a seperate price for the ADSL account which then determines what our cap is. We basically have to grab our ankles and take it in SA as we only have one fixed line privider and the government hasn’t made the local loop public.

Basically I’m paying 4 times the price you do for half the speed and a hard CAP as well. Once we reach our 10GB we get cut off completely unless you purchase more, we can’t even access local sites:(

For an interesting read on the state of affairshere read this forum. http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/

Oh and one more thing, 1024KB is the fastest we can get unless we want to pay exhorbitant prices for diginet which works our to R4000-00 for 128KB which includes the ISP and no cap at all.

Ouch…Not sure why people (companies) are hosing DSL…no real reason too.
The only real reason would be if they have limited OC12’s to the cloud. I have seen years ago the smaller ISP having limit bandwidth to the Internet Backbone and well they just place breaks on for users…I would hope you have a larger ISP in your market place… Here (US) we have lots of choice points to go to…I get my 384/1024 for 30.00 monthly…I’m at the far end of the line so can’t get (yet) more horse power. I’m sure with time and new standards coming out all will reap rewards…

Also maybe WiFi will take hold …someday…

Also here in US the copper line rental is well less of a issue as federal government
stepped in a beat the telco’s up some on it.

Remember Juggy…it’s the price you pay for your location…but also remember the days of 300 Baud Modem’s (OUCH)

It’s true Step, Thing is South Africa and the zero competition the fixed line provider is a bad combo. I’m about 100 meters from the DSlam so I should get a perfect signal and high speeds. I’m also in an area that has only been around for 2 years so all the latest tech has gone into it.

My house is about 1 year old. It’s just us backward South Africans is all it is:nod:

We have just about the most advanced Cellular network in the world but we can’t provide cheap fast internet access. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

Man that is expensive, I get 9meg down 1 meg up from my cable provider for $60 a month, they offer 5 meg down and 768K up for $40.

Edit, at those speeds it seems the internet is almost instaneous. MAMA was using the step daughters dial up the other day and said she never realized how slow dial up is. :lol:

Major, your getting took on those prices. We are getting 8 meg down and 1 meg up from our cable provider and it is costing $30/month.

No offence meant by this at all juggy, but why are you living in SA again?

so what yer saying is…if you cant get digital media cheaper and quicker you should move ?

at those prices I would stick with the cheapest I can get…but then agen thats me…I get 3meg down for 40quid a month !!

Sorry yes i should have made myself clearer. Mabye i am in error, but isnt SA rampant with corruption and stuff. Hence you can moan about Telekom all you like but they can just use thier massive profits to pay someone off easily?

yeah but they got me by the short hairs! :wink: You must have comcast, I have cox.

We here in the Greater Phoenix Area have one of two choices, Cox Cable or Qwest DSL unless you go Satellite. The only Competition is from a smaller cable provider that offers services only in the east Valley (Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, etc) so there really isn’t any competition to drive prices down and quality of service up here. I just switched to Cox 4mb dn/512k up and had a doozy of a time getting Cox to provide a clear signal.

Juggy, I have to say this, and no one take offense, but are they providing KY in the package because you are getting raped in my opinion.

Yeah juggy i thought the UK had it bad compared to sweden and others but wow!

I just downgraded my ntl from 3M to 2M since they both have the same monthly usage cap… saves me £13 a month.

If you want to cry, here’s a snip from an e-mail conversation I had with a friend in Japan about a year ago.

| > Both connected to the Internet via 100Mbit fiber.
| Out of interest, how much does that cost? I notice fiber is being trialed in
| the US. As far as I know, there are no plans to bring it here any time soon.

5800 yen per month.
But that doesn’t include the provider.
The providers range from a couple thousand to over 10000 yen
depending on what kind of service, how many global IPs, etc…

Yup… 100 Mbit ftth for about £30 a month at current exchange rates, add a bit more for ISP services. And that was a year ago… probably cheeper or faster by now. I think I heard BT were tialing fttp which I think is the same thing under a different name. But knowing them, it’ll take forever to get here, be limited in availability, be crippled, and be expensive. sigh

And my line won’t do DSL, besides I have cox telephone now, but that my be short lived with Skype and Vonage. They work out to be about the same price but the convienece of standard handsets make Vonage nicer for the family.

Don’t have Cox or Comcast. The cable provider here is Midco (Midcontinent Communications). Just recently moved our telephone over to them. With the cable package, broadband and phone, it should save us about $40 /month over having our phone with Qwest.

I love SA, beautifull country with near perfect weather. No crazy storms/hurricanes etc and the cost of living is pretty fair.

You’re right, we have a very high crime rate and an even higher corruption. But it’s the good with the bad:shrug:

Ah i see. :slight_smile:

i could take a bit of corruption to get away from the rain this last week. even the fish are wearing waterproofs round here! :wink: