urgent - batch convert png to gif?

Because of IE’s amazing support of png images I need to convert about 40 images to gif and keep the transparency.

Is there an easy and free way to batch this up?

could give Irfanview a bash, i know it has a batch convert feature
as long as there all in the same directory should be no issue, just have to
make sure you select the right option to keep transpancy.


This tool should do what you need to do, well it did,


if you have paint shop pro you can record what you do to one image as a script and then do a batch process using that same settings. Works a treat on anything from psp8 upwards I think.


I never had problems with IE and png 8/

For refernace can you also describe the problem you hare having?

Look at the following link in both IE and firefox:


notice the weather info above the search box on the right. In firefox the image at the beginnng displays correctly. In IE it’s a black square. I was of the understanding that this was a result of poor png support in IE but I’ll happily be corrected.

Thanks for the app link guys. It does exaclty what I asked for but the resulting gifs look a bit crap. Still it’s a handy app so I’ll hang onto it.

check out this: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bobosola/pngtestfixed.htm

sorted - really appreciated thanks mate!

no problem. I Really hate to see someone forced to move from an open standard (png) to a proprietary standard (gif)