Utter Filth of the shiny variety

11,000 rpm for road use.
100 vehicles only.
To be made in Britain.

Just need those six numbers on Friday night (and hope I don’t have to share the prize)

In my head the last picture had a caption.

“Had a clear out to fund my new ride, every thing had to go, my T33 in the former Bat Cave”

(retired superhero)

Every now and then a car maker seems to have a small attack of something, not entirely sure what it is but in the face of growing eco-mentalism it make me chuckle to see the design equivalent of Tourettes.

What ?
Well look at this

Its “Just a Jeep?” you say
0 - 60 under 4 seconds from the showroom with some power left for tuning.
180mph top speed, best start that Vmax run with a full tank though

Plug TrackHawk into youtube and enjoy the daftness.

70K on Autotrader