UWB student arrested over shower camera claim

A student has been arrested after allegations that a camera was placed in women’s showers at a hall of residence at the University of Wales, Bangor.

North Wales Police said he was arrested under the Sexual Offences Act, and had been released on police bail until 25 July.

The university said counselling had been offered to the small number of students who may have been affected.

A spokesperson said the student was no longer at the university.

“Following an incident on Monday the police were called to the university and a male student was arrested,” said the spokesperson.

“The matter is now in the hands of the police, and the arrested student is not currently at the university,” the spokesperson added.


If you want to do it don’t get court, but why do they need counselling :confused: It’s rumored to have happened on the same halls site (Ffriddoedd) I live on, but as its the biggest no surprise there…

Counselling on the fact they’ve been caught in the shower?

Is it mixed blocks there then? We have mixed here but cant see how it could be done…

Sounds a bit like a prank gone a bit wrong to me…

I’m not completely sure on the layout of those blocks, but I think the camera was in a female only shower area, complete with a bath.


You lucky goits! We get a grotty swimming pool shower that set at the height of my chest… Anti suicide showers…:rolleyes:

You evidently haven’t seen them… :lol:
There’s only two ways someone would get in one of those things, while pissed, or forced.

I don’t live in those blocks, instead I’ve got to put up with a shower for one, and a very slippery floor.

To be quite truthful, the student doing this could get prison. Numerous people have been done for web-cam ‘voyeurism’ i know of one who was given 9mths in jail and placed on the sex offenders register for 7 years for placing a camera in a toilet.

With regards the counselling, how would you feel now if every time you went into a shared facility like this, that you were constantly paranoid about whether or not there was a camera watching you? It’s not a very nice thought, or state of mind to be in.