Very intresting Non Science project

Pre alpha stages pretty much…

but looks intresting:)


looks like a Mixure of Scocial Science, and Linquistics [with is on of the wiered quasi art/science things]

well OK…

not one of the four “real” sciences such as Chemistry, physics, biology and amths :stuck_out_tongue:

So you don count Geology, or Computer Science sciences?

btw what amths?

the os Astronomy, and Metorology as well :wink:

No :smiley:

REAL science is the ones I mentioned…none of this social science nonsense :stuck_out_tongue:

Computer science is just a term made up for people that spend far to much time messing with computers…:stuck_out_tongue: (Basically physics anyhow :p)

Geology would be more or a geography subject…and it uses a lot of physics and chemistry so basically it’s aspects OF these sciences…

amths is a spelling error and should be MATHS :stuck_out_tongue:

Astronomy is looking at stars…not really a science :stuck_out_tongue:


so the definetion of science is…( reference…)

  1. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena.
  2. Such activities restricted to a class of natural phenomena.
  3. Such activities applied to an object of inquiry or study.

Ok so they CAN be classed as…

I THINK that the real four sciences are the ones I said… :wink:

if you going to be that picky the Chimstry isn’t a science either as it merly a subset of physics

two words - Life Sciences.

Shall I pack away the wooden spoon ?


Please do, be me thinks you were using the spoon for a differne thing than I first though :wink:

There are 3 types of Sciences

Physical Sciences
Life Sciences
Social Sciences.

that thing they all have in common is the Scientific Methord.

I listed them in order as that how they are genraly rank on the Hard to Soft scale When people start debateding Were Sci-Fi ends.

Personally I tend to think those that object to the Soft Sciences are some scared/perlexed by Social interactiopns :wink:

That social interactions?

I just see them as a “doss” subject…

at least thats what happens I guess when you do all 3 Sciences as A levels and indeed socail sciences WAS a doss subject… And our lecturers didn’t have high opinions for them either so I guessed it rubbed off onto me as well

One thing that always got me that - the four subjects that are taught at school have manufactured a “we are proper science”.

I was pretty much waiting for the “three science categories” to see if it came up (having done chem, phys, maths a-levels). Many true sciences get lost behind the smokescreen the four main ones create. Physcology for instance, the science of the mind, but due to a certain advert (ooo an `ology) it gets shunned a fair amount.

Language evolves and definitions become different over time due to society, the word gay is a great example of this. It kind of gets to me that the word “science” is splashed about loads, but science is really the method of study of a discipline. Or is it ?

Take these forums, we have “Space Sciences”, “Biological Sciences” and “Physical Sciences” and then look at what some of the projects in each category does. Where do these fall in the three sciences. I know my opinion for each one and why, but we have had discussions in the past where Physical Sciences has been confused with Physics. :confused: (imo)

/me continues stirring :lol:



I’ve come up with the final answer to this arguement…

Science is…


I to Physic and Chem at Bursary level, never hand the stumic for Biology, mind you I also too double math [Calc and Stats]

in University I’ve taken more Maths, Physics, Astroomy and Psych.

and at the Uni level even the Physics teachers agree what defines what is a Science, was “You apply the Scietifc methord to your study of your subject”.