Very Slow today!

Anyone else having slow down problems with the boards today then? or is it just me, seems to take an age to load any new pages.


It does take a while :slight_smile:
me and helen couldnt get on this morning.

same here, a few problems getting in, BUT I could happily ping and FTP into the account with no problems.

I know Andy is on NTL, so am I, what about you KefKef ?


Might just be NTL packed up earlier which might have an impact. only noticed as I didn’t configure a secondary.

Yeah, I got database errors this end from home and work and when it started working it was very slow:(

Seems fine now though.

2 seperate ISP’s

I know Curly was having probs with sites the other night and he’s NTL too.

Forum’s fine for me on Pipex :slight_smile:

was down here DB errors bout 8:30am here refresh didnt work so I just gave it time :slight_smile:

Could I ask that people take a look at the amount of attachments they have please. Goto your control panel and then click attachments, can you make a judgement on whether the attachment was definately needed.

At the moment they are stored in the DB, which is a 20Mb or so extra load of the already creaking DB, I may have to perform a post prune in some forums soon. I’ve been moving some of the larger, most viewed attachments to my hosting, would just help me out a little bit if you could review for me :smiley:



I’ve deleted everything older than 1 Jan 2006

i have no issues connecting to the boards, havent found them to be slow either from home or work

Ive cleard up all my attachments bar two :).

i cleaned my attachments :smiley:

Pruned all of last years attachments and any before that. :slight_smile:

me too down to 1/2 a meg.

Didn’t have any to clean :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine’s clean too (most pics are links to my own webspace) :nod:

deleted all except one that wouldnt delete :S :lol:

really slow around 8.30. time outs and DB errrors. since 10.30 its been ok.

:cheers: all for looking at the attachments, server load is still reporting pretty high, 160 odd guests not helping matters :sigh:


Indeed sign up you slackers :stuck_out_tongue: