VHS Tapes for sale - load of them

Spent a bit of time earlier clearing out a bookcase full of VHS tapes and I’m deciding what to do with them.

Some I’ll put on Ebay I guess, but things like the complete Star Trek TNG series might be difficult to dispose of as breaking up the collection could make it difficult to sell the remainder.

Any ideas?

Sell as a complete series? Barry bought the entire Babylon 5 collection on vhs from ebay a couple of years ago and I dare say there are people that would buy TNG :slight_smile: I’m not showing Barry this thread though or he might offer :wink:

Sell and state as a complete item and NOT to be split. Until its sold, stick it in the attic - it wont take any space then.

What else have you got there?

Also got:

Assorted Deep Space Nine Tapes
Babylon 5 Season 4 (up to the tape 4.10)
Babylon 5 - In the Beginning (feature length movie)
Babylon 5 - Third Space (feature length movie)
Babylon 5 - River of Souls (feature length movie)
Assorted Star Trek Voyager episodes
Star Wars episodes 4-6
Blade Runner - Directors Cut
Forbidden Planet - widescreen edition
X-Men - special edition
The Matrix
Rush - through the camera eye (music video)
Saxon - Live innocence (music video)
Terminator 2 (T1000 edition - directors cut)
The Lawnmower Man - directors cut
The Mummy
The Silence of the Lambs
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - special edition
Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure
Bill & Teds Bogus Journey
Gladiator (widescreen)
Hellraiser 3
Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Crusade Vol 1.01 & 1.02(follow up to Babylon 5)
Crusade Vol 1.03
South Park - The Movie
David Bowie - Glass Spider Tour (music video volume 1)
David Bowie - Glass Spider Tour (music video volume 2)
Last Man Standing (with Bruce Willis)
Enterprise - (prequel to Star Trek - feature length movie)
The Simpsons - Crime & Punishment
The Abyss
The Mask
The World is not Enough

That’s about it. Want specifics on the Deep Space 9 or Voyageur tapes, let me know.

in all honesty, the few pounds you can get for them on ebay or maybe on here … you’ve got to add if if your time is worth the effort. I dropped a load of VHS into the British Heart Foundation shop in town, the only problem was that whilst I was there I picked up another dozen or so for about a fiver :lol:


Your probably right. I was considering that as an option, but through the PDSA. At least they will benefit from it. Would like the Star Trek collection to go to a good home though.

How much were you thinking of selling the star trek vids for?
i do like NG :slight_smile:

No figure in mind. Was going to put them on Ebay with a starting price of £50.00. There’s about 80 tapes in total, so that is a reasonable sum I think, considering they probably cost me around £800 to buy over the years. Common sense tells me it would only appeal to a Trek fan.

Indeed it would,
i believe the DVD version for the full set is around £150. but i think that may just be for series 1

I recently bought TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise and every ST movie ever made for $550 on ebay. All dvd.

Used of course, but all and great condition and a damn good deal in my humble opinion.

Definitely a good deal Myco. Nice find.