VIA Apollo Pro 133 T AGP texture problems fix agp rate texture corruption

Ok, After about 2 weeks of fiddling to try and find out why my textures in counter strike source (i started playing again) are messed up, i have figured out that it is a problem with the chipsets agp 4x implementation. It would seem that VIA reverse-enginerred it from intels agp 4x and as such it is pants. The only way to fix this is to set it to 2x, which i have now done, and which makes v little difference anyway.

Im sort of archiving this imformation here, so that when google spiders the boards again, and someone with the same prob googles it, he just might find his answer. I did this cos it was very hard for me to pin this one down. This also explains my keyword ridden thread title, i assure you that while it may look like spam, my motives are purley alturistic :wink:

If this wrong or against the rules for any reason, can a mod PM me explaining and then do as you wish with the thread, thx :slight_smile:

Don’t see a problem with it myself - it’s a common enough chipset and folks on these boards could have exactly the same problem.

Don’t worry about it.

I don’t recall any such issue on my one I had a few years back with a GF2 GTS graphics card, I could play anything games wise that was around at the time :confused: I would suspect a voltage issue if you are using a newer card in an older board as I’ve seen that one before as the thresholds are obviously much tighter on using a higher powered card.


Yeah my gf2 mx400 is quite happy at agp 4x in the board…but the 9800 pro refused to even attempt to run in agp 4x :shrug: AGP voltage isnt somthing that can be adjusted on this board so my fix is bump the rate down a notch.

so there’s your answer then - nothing to do with the chipset, everything to do with voltage :chin:

Of course Radeon drivers are known for being a bit flakey on the odd occasion, with the latest not always being the best :nod:

I’ve encountered this type of “problem” numerous times when someone has gone to a PC shop somewhere, brought a new game that doesn’t run nicely on the machine they have. The shop flogs them a high powered graphics card that simply is too good for the motherboard. Budget being the power player here - how much does that user want or need to play the game ? Most of the time is needs a motherboard,ram and cpu upgrade in order to become usable with the card, which means a windows re-install…

In every instance I’ve come across it was easier to offer the punter a “rebate” for the old machine and go and but a £200-£250 pre-installed fully licenced Acer or Ibm system. Also means I can run away from the support as well :slight_smile:


Yeah could be…starting to think it might be PSU aswell…strange stuff happenes somtimes, like the hard drive losing power, spinning down and then back up again while the pc is on, the onboard USB controller stopping and leaving me mouseless somtimes…