Vinyl laminate question (Mini)

Hopeing somebody may know ?

As many will know I have a 1993 Classic Mini Cooper 1.3i

Now its has all the usual bonnet stripes (Faded signature though) / Decals / pinstripes etc etc

I have some replacements inc Union Jack (In Silver) as its a Black Mini
doing the roof is fine however…

If I’m replacing the bonnet stripes / pin stripes / decals what’s my best method
to persue ? Overlay or remove

Well real Question is how easy is the old Vinyl laminate to remove ?

Sorted :smiley:

Good application of heat… and enough heat and it does not even leave
any glue marks :slight_smile: peals off nice as it softens up.

Don’t think anyone wanted to commit themselves PMM :smiley:
Good to know that heat works

Indeed trial and error… admittedly the 1 bonnet stripe I took off
1/3 at the top has glue residue still :chuckle: remainder without.

But as its replacing like for like its not an issue, I did not want to overlay
due to the fact bits of laminate have cracked off over time it would look
cowboy-ish TBH.

I used hot water out the kettle but a hair dryer should do eqally as well
I think… going to be better for the side decals anyway.

PMM pleased with himself… Its like something new learn’t <sp>?
had a gander around the World Wide Wastebin of info but came up
with nowt so went with the i’ll do it anyway option.

Tip for when you come to apply the new vinyls spray the panel with water/washing up liquid mix as it will allow you to squeegee all the air bubbles out.

Also when you apply the new vinyl, apply something that degreases the surface first. I didn’t on the boot of my viper striped Mini and the stripes slid about and wouldn’t stick. After the degreaser they went on like a dream.

Lots and lots of washing up liquidy water is great as you can slide the vinyl about to get it straight - as well as sorting out the air bubbles as thefiend says :smiley:

Got one on already, need to move the mini to do the other side so doing that
another day put the signature on as well, though had a panic there as when I
looked at the old which had it but worn out I could not see where it was but
found it in the end :slight_smile:

Done a better job of getting off the other side :slight_smile: less glue remaining on bonnet.

Hopefully do a better job putting on the other side as well :wink:

Also found a use for part of my old roofrack for the pug :chuckle: rubber piece
that was used… just happens to be just right for a bubble squeegy <sp?> the use
a credit type card with soft cloath wrapped around prooved rather useless but this
rubber thingy was perfect :slight_smile:

But TBH unless your being nit picky it looks rather nice :slight_smile: but its noticable on
inspection where the glue was underneth, did not have anything though to
remove it :frowning: but to me its good enough :slight_smile: far nicer than the old faded and cracked ones.

TBH looks like I don’t need to replace the pinstripes as they look fine
just that cooper decal the round one in a leafy design ? to replace.

I can make lots of mistakes there I have loads of them :chuckle:

well what a :censored: nightmare today has been :rolleyes:

Well been fighting with the Mini & the roof Decal and Silver Gutter Trim

Well I have a Silver Union Jack… {Incomplete} 1 ickle strip :mad:

Reason… Had a nightmare getting the decal off the backingpaper
ended up creasing a diagonal center strip… fine ok ok done that before and managed
to resolve it so was not noticeable but not this time… I made the crease even
worse …ended up ripping an end bit of as well :frowning:

So Gonna have to re-order to complete it.

This issue I’ve had with the backing paper has resulted in a rather bizzare technique
for putting it on and i’ve had to do some improvising :wink: to get it right kind of means
its wrong but seems good enough.

The silver trim stuff has made me fingers all sore :frowning: might re-order that as well and give it a re-try
but might buy from elsewhere I think it had been to tightly wound or could be a near end of reel
piece but too stiff and not very a custom to going around bends.

** Hay ho

But I must admit, even though not perfect its all forming and looking quite nice IMO. :slight_smile:

Is it the plastic stuff you’re using. Last time I put gutter trim on a Mini (which was a veeeery long time ago) I put the reel in an oven at about 70C for half an hour first. Failing that maybe a hot air gun might help on the sharper corners.

I never thought about pre-warming in an oven … Good suggestion for next time. :nod:


Sticking it in a bucket of warm water helps too, but they are a very big pita to put on :slight_smile:

Well this is how its looking so far :slight_smile:

Jobs still to do…
[li]Wash it ;)[/li][li]Clear Indicator lights / side repeaters[/li][li]Chrome Window insert replacement[/li][li]Chrome windscreen wipers[/li][li]potentially chrome wing mirrors.[/li][li]New rear bumber[/li][li]Brake improvements[/li][/ul]

Looking very nice PMM :slight_smile:

You’ll have to sort that number plate out before you drive it on the road :wink:

And I never found the silver trim stuff…:cry: That is the if it’s the guttering stuff round the top…

Ebay… lots of it on there

And the good news received… The person is sending me the laminate bit I bodged free :slight_smile:
Nice chap.

And a new trick for polishing up any scratches :wink: Chrome Cleaner I have put it on the car
get the dremel out, put the mop polishing gimzo thingy on and polish it using the chrome cleaner
=result :smiley: tested loverly on a patch scrubbed up with some p600 wet and dry came out perfect.

PLease get rid of those horrid mirrors!!!

Anyway, its looking good :smiley:

Don’t - They’re original (but useless) Can you still get those ones that clamp onto the seam joint by the driver’s window. Remember them being pretty useful suppliments.

TBH I quite like them :wink:

Its like Marmite love or hate

Clare at work say I have to keep them :nod:

At the mo they have to stay there for the main reason I rather them
being there than having 2 holes in the wings :chuckle:

You have a point :slight_smile:

Are they standard? I thought I could see holes where the proper mirrors should be.Dunno much about Jap spec Minis.

no there not standard, it should have proper mirrors there MK1 mirrors I think
not std for a H reg.

They have to go anyway :wink: there a little weathered.