Virtual Team Petrol Head

Well as I have the dubious honour of being the VT Team Petrol Head Captain ( means nothing ) I thought I best see if anybody would care to join the virtual team.

If you don’t know what the virtual teams are then I’ll explain very briefly,

They are TPR members who have joined “virtual” mini teams that sort off race against each other, no one takes it very seriously but stats are compiled for it and are here and also podsted in the Daily Flame.

It just seemed appropiate that as we now have our own forum I should try and swell our ranks :slight_smile:

If you would like to join then post here and I’ll get you added :slight_smile:

Me me me! :smiley:

Guess you’d better put me in VT Petrol Head too - I’ve currently got more cars than my house has bedrooms. :slight_smile:

OK I’ve PMed Milhouse asking him ever so kindly to add you two :slight_smile:

Any more suckers…ermmmm takers ?


I may be a diesel head at the moment, but petrol has my heart.

Go for it.

Will be a static 5k tho

Thats cool no worries :slight_smile:

Bibby, O’Borg and Ciccio added! :slight_smile:

/Noah frantically waves his hand in the air

:stuck_out_tongue: Sign me up!

Thanks Millhouse!

Yay. :smiley:

Noahms been added

Anymore ?