Virtual Teams?

Why are ther no stats or lists for virtual teams and such? I’m not even sure I’m in pythons team, hehehe.
Also, I’ve seen 64 bit versions for linux and solaris but not windows, will bionic and its projects ever release a 64 bit version?

You are in the virtual team.

Balrog posts the VT stats in the stats posts he does.
I was working on making a webpage for VT Python…and possibly the rest of the VT’s but that will come later…

I’ could help if you need it.
I’m proficient in Visual Basic and PHP.
I also do HTML fairly well(Notepad or metapad)
If you wher to have a DB I also am quite good with SQL

Well you could come in handy for an Uberstats web project we’ve got simmering. Its going to be a while though before its sufficiently far forward to involve a number of people on diffferent areas.

Sounds good. Just so you are aware I’m a Feild Service Eng. and sit in hotels about 4-5 days a week doing nothing, I could spend some serious time on a project. I realy would love to get more involved in something like this.

Well the original idea was posted here. Since then its gone sideways, forwards, backwards and vertically but some progress is being made.