Virtualbox Trouble

Well I thought I’d try and get back into Linux after a brief foray into Windows 7 so I downloaded Virtualbox and Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop 64bit.

Took a bit of getting the 64 bit disc image to figure out it could run (changed the setting in virtualbox and then it worked). Installed and then restarted.

Excellent I thought, now I get to see the new look.
Except I don’t.

Thats the sight that greets me. Not exactly what I want. If I did, I would have downloaded the server edition!

Any ideas how I can actually view the desktop and use it as it’s supposed to be used so I can try getting it working before I install it on a drive?

sudo startx seems to work but then I’m stuck as root. For messing it’s not to bad.

However I already dislike the new Ubuntu layout.

Why not just startx from where you are, if that works change the default runlevel to 3?

if it’s a problem with the Virtualbox display (which I don’t think it is if sudo startx works) you could always run in vesa mode.