Vista Ain't Half Bad...

Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’ve been using it to little time but I’m quite happy with Vista here at the minute.

Ok RAM usage earlier was 33%. Thats 33% of 3Gb installed. 1Gb RAM with no DC projects online yet.

Turned off some fancy effects but otherwise it’s still pretty. UAC turned off. It’s like being at home and being nagged all the time :wink: Slightly annoying change of Music and Picture locations but easily changed. Oh and also turned off System Restore… maybe I should turn it back on…

Overall I think it’s a fairly polished OS. At first impressions. We’ll see how it goes as I carry on using it.

Ive been running Vista for nearly 4months now… I stopped using the Beta a long time ago… but after 4months of constant running… Ive seen 2 blue screens :slight_smile: its a very solid os :slight_smile:

Windows in general will use 33% of all the installed RAM at boot time. I don’t know if there is an upper limit.

After eight months or so on four machines, I’ve never seen a BSoD from Vista. That includes running it with hardware whose drivers were flaky.

The ram usage in Vista is irelavent, vista pre fetches stuff guessing what you might use and occupies most of the ram available all the time.

Got one full time box on Vista HP32 here. There was one strange occurrence of crashing but not BSOD. Couldn’t VNC into it. Looked it at on screen and it was “unresponsive”. Plugged in USB keyboad and mouse but couldn’t get control so hard reset required. Been fine since.

My only suspicion is could it be related to the file write limit in Vista? The box had been left on for weeks at the time. I had been copying files to/from it during that time. But I don’t know what the crash mode of the file write limit is. Wonder when they’re going to fix it…

I pro actively reboot it every couple weeks now and it’s been fine. Normally I reboot PCs only for the monthly patch day.

The box is running on a low power mobo, which takes SODIMMS, which at the time of building were expensive so it only has 1GB of ram. I should upgrade it some time as it really could use more.

The Ram usage in Vista as I understand it now is more akin to linux in that if it’s there it will use it to prefetch as MR.Piege points out :tiphat:

Been using it on my main machine in it’s Vista Home premium 64 bit version and I must say I find it less clunky than Xp used to be in a strange way. :shrug:

Yeah quite like it.

The new fonts are nice as well.

[QUOTE=drezha;406886]Yeah quite like it.

The new fonts are nice as well.[/QUOTE]

Yeah. It’s not quite one thing I can put my finger on but it seems to be a whole host of small things.

Another vista user here, nicer install process (not that u hope to see that much) feels a little smoother in operation, betworking system takes a little getting used to but over all a warm fuzzy feeling is felt :smiley:

[QUOTE=mackerel;406870] Couldn’t VNC into it. Looked it at on screen and it was “unresponsive”.
UAC can interffere with vnc when you to change some which requiers a ‘yes are you sure’ mouse click (which is why i have turned it off). This seems to be soled in the beta of Ultravnc and the paid for version of RealVNC.

Some uber geeky info here

That was a one off. VNC works fine normally. Turning off UAC was one of the 1st things I did.

Now I still run with UAC on but since I’m not a complete “user” at the keyboard I may turn it of for less annoyance :smiley:

I turn off:
Driver signing
Remote management
As I found other programs can maintain Vista, ie defragging, antispyware, virus checkers and registry fixes.
Also there is no difference in the speed of Vista whether these run or not.
DEP is a real pain and is one of the reasons why programs won’t work on Vista.
Having the 64bit version is also a major leap in speed as you can have over 3gigs of ram (up to 128 in Ultimate).
Just remember to apply the 4gig Hotfix from Microsoft to stop the BSOD on boot-up .:furious: