Vista... Does not sound good for us self builders

Interesting article over at Hexus

And one that could cause a bit of an uproar if true

I certainly don’t like the idea of the restrictions being imposed, and will mean
you can only do a limited change in you hardware before Vista is Void.

2 major changes in hardware is nowt to people like us.



I’m now down to three “pure” windows boxes and that’s it, kids for games, my rig for games and laptop. Got instances of each in Parallels on the iMac at work.

I must say though, that Vista is a nice system to use and seems more secure, but only because of so many prompts whenever you want to do anything. Same old, same old, users get used to the prompts and hit continue or yes by second nature. So it looks pretty :shrug: but at the MS pre-releases there were definate implications of a Vista skin for XP and an update to put some of Vistas features into XP :eek:

Two major hardware changes is insane, although what is a “major” hardware change? New gfx to cope with hunger of the Vista desktop, most pc-world style machines with onboard will get this from the majority of home users, let alone the geeks.

MS = :cuckoo:


Gotta admit I’ve been bit by the open souce bug. Keeping my laptop XP until warrenty expires but until then I have VMware to run any linux app I need.

A bit of clarification for you…

Good clarification from bit-tech. It still looks like Microsoft is trying to limit the usage of it’s OS to prevent what has happened to all their previous ones: moving the OS from machine to machine and never paying for another license until the user is forced to upgrade. It occurs to me that people might buy licenses and upgrades more often if they didn’t cost so much… but I doubt M$ will consider that…

xfer of licenses.

License agreements

So it seems that they’ve seen sense over this as well they should.

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