Vista - found a good bit

I am a fan of Windows XP MCE - I use it on my TV and I’m pleased with its capabilities. Vista has a Media Player in the premium/ultimate versions and looking at it standalone I was underwhelmed as it appeared to be more of the same - a slight evolution but nothing more.

I noticed the icon below in my network browser, and also had a tray notification at the same time on rebooting a PC. Basically it turns out that Vista Media installations can see each other over the network and can share (securely) libraries and content with each other. I assume the X-Box can join in too, although I don’t have one.

Call me a nerd if you like but I think that’s cool :slight_smile: Especially when you’ve just brought your 1.5TB new media server (Fedora 6 & Samba of course) on line…


Oh yeah…NERD:D

Get you and your terry bites :handbag: :smiley:

This forum deffo needs one of those smilies :chuckle:

yes, it also interacts with the 360, only it only shares music (wma&mp3) and wmv videos, encoding on he fly software (to change from avi to wmv) is on the way, but still in beta. oh and it’s a cheep way to get a hddvd drive :slight_smile:

Should be an update to the XBox end of March I think.