Vista Performance Ratings

Well, having seen this is many other betas and the numbers not really meaning a lot yet, I was interested to see what seems to be affecting the ratings the most so I can advise better on what is required to update the majority of machines.

From seeing many previous demos, the key seems to be RAM, lots of it. At default with nothing running in particular my memory usage is up at 826Mb :eek:
So please help, would like a cross section of hardware, so post your screenshots if you would and a nice explanation of your hardware would be nice.

Asus PC-DL
Dual 2.4Ghz Xeons
1Gb Ram
GF 6600GT


here’s mine,

Shuttle SN85 (nf3 150)
754 3000+
1Gb Ram
GF 6600

running the 64bit ver of vista

Abit KT7A-raid
T-bird 1400
80 GB Maxtor
512MB PC133

@Dammo - is yours a SATA or IDE HD ?


whats a good number to have ?

Higher is better.

Edit: I give up. Put a DVD-rom in my Shuttle, tried to install the 64 bit version, it failed with an error amounting to bad data. Tried known working 32 bit version, same error. Replace DVD-rom drive, gets past file copy but then BSOD “IRQ NOT LESS EQUAL THAN” or whatever. Give up. It’s beta… don’t want to waste any more time on it, will play with other installation only.

Mines on an sata drive,

mackerel, chances are the error your getting is down to drivers, what trype of hard drive, if sata what chipset?

It’s a old shuttle SN95 whatever… Seagate PATA 120GB. NF3… should be old enough to be supported out of the box. The IRQ error I’m used to seeing on over-overclocked boxes, but this isn’t and is crunching stable.

Well testing will happen a little later here :slight_smile:

the rig it will hit is

pentium 4 3ghz HT
512mb Ram
Intel motherboard
onboard graphics… (wich will probably hold it back)

P4 3.2ghz HT
1GB Ram
80gb Sata HD
Intel motherboard
onboard graphics…

and I get a rating of… 3 and a warning about how my graphics are not running at optimum, and I should either not run lots of apps at once ( don’t have any open so can’t do that ) or upgrade my graphics card…

might try dropping in a PCI-E 128mb Matrox P650 and see if that makes any difference

got a rating of one :frowning: gfx let it down :frowning:

Got a rating of 2 here :slight_smile:

Not bad.