Vista sharing of folders

Bought a new lappy in January and got everything set up for the wireless network at home. The main rig (desktop) is running Windows XP Home and the lappy came with Windows XP Media Center. I had shared out the hard drives as C_drive on each computer and everything was working great.

Got the upgrade to Windows Vista in the mail last week and finally installed it on the lappy. Now from the main rig, I can’t access the C_drive that was shared out on the lappy.

Any idea as to what I need to do?

uninstall Vista …

It depends on what it has done with folder permissions, I don’t think it will let you simply share c: as ‘it knows best’.

Before we trashed Vista here we had to create a user for all others to access the machine and setup new groups and all sorts to get things working, pretty much the same as you do with win2003 server setups. A bit of overkill imo, but then atm I have a very biased hate view of Vista.


I found the only practical way of sharing stuff was to put it in the “public” folders bit, trying to create a folder that is open for all to abuse is something i can’t do ether.

IIRC Vista is grumpy about shareing the C drive as a whole, create a folder, then share that, use the shareing centre to see what you have shared & remember to configure it for public / no password access