Visual PHP development

I’ve been given a challenge, learn and develop a php front end for our MS SQL database within the next 2 months.

I don’t find the prospect particularly scary, but where do I start?

I’m not familiar with any programs for dev, need something for the visual side. I have a little familiarity with MySQL and hopefully MSSQL isn’t too much different…

Could someone point me in the right direction for tools and guides?

Well if your talking PHP, a visual interface is usually always a web page, or if you wanted to you could use Visual Basic to generate and interface.

If you intend to stick with PHP you’ll laso need to pick up some HTML as well, along with a webserver.

A good place for guides is, with this as a good start . That guide shows MYSQL working with php but at a full on-line manual is there, i.e. functions for MSSQL

For a php code editor this is a goodone with syntax colour coding etc.

For a book i found the sams one very easy to learn in a few weeks, but again it’s with mysql, but it’s simple to substitute the connection requiered for mssql.

has it got to be php, asp will do a neater job and there’s free tools from ms for developing in asp with real simple hooking into mssql data, we are developing stuff at work now and it’s stupidl simple to hook into datasets and throw the info onto the screen.

i think saying asp is neater than php is a little unfair, if you mean then with the visual express software it is easier to develop apps (both web and windows based).

Just found this as well was the other option. I have this weekend to decide :p. vs.php looks very nice, costs a bit though :).

Need to have a hunt tomorrow, probably after the GP ;).

If you are going to use, just take a look at expression web. It’s easier than Visual Web Developer, and rumour has it that it will be getting patched soon to incorperate PHP dev…just rumour tho…

I like it, and for speed and ease I think it is actually better the VWD…worth a try anyway

Never heard of that Marv, will have a look :).