VMWare Problem??

when running vmware just now with ubuntu and the folding smp client sygate firewall pops up with this “Application Hijacking has been detected
The application: E:\VMWare\VMware Server\bin\vmware-remotemks.exe try to launch another application: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe to go to remote host www.paypal.com” any one got any ideas


Sounds like a false positive, but then again a firewall should know better - and it’s very explicit in where firefox is trying to connect???

As a test I just installed Sygate personal firewall on this box (Win XP with VMWare running FAH SMP client under Ubuntu).

A few “normal” alerts, but nothing to worry about. I assume you got your VMWare server install from the VMWare site, so it should be clean and I come back to the paradox of false positive against Firefox and paypal.:confused:

Odd…keep an eye on it. Presumably that machine is not used for anything on paypal and does not hold sensitive user data…or does it?

Thanks for the reply Nightlord, only happened the once so far and I have been keeping an eye on it, done all the normal spyware adaware stuff, virus scans…etc and all come up clean, propably a false positive, had problems with gfx drivers, Mirc being blocked from connecting to the net and a few other niggely things, this was on my main comp but fortunatly I don’t keep any banking/paypal stuff on there.