Vote for two Mods for this forum

Okay, the final countdown begins… please consult the list of candidates and cast your vote for the number of Mods as per the title of this poll. The limited poll options cannot limit you to a certain number of votes, so please play fair :wink:

This forum requires two Mods to be elected. Voting will end Wednesday morning, I can’t give an exact time but as soon as I get into work around 8.30am. This will give everyone a good chance to get onto the boards over the next couple of days and see the Polls.

Points to remember:[ul][li]it’s not a popularity contest - please vote for the candidates you feel will perform an admirable, fair and relevant duty to this forum and the boards in general
[/li][li]Mincer & I are staying as Admins of the boards
[/li][li]Milhouse is staying as a roving Mod on the boards and is therefore exempt from standing for election[/ul]Happy voting!
riddler :alan: