VPS Recommendations and what to look for

I’m looking for a good quality VPS service and some idea of what I need.

My hosting is due for renewal in April and although it’s very good (£18 a year for 500Mb + 2Gb bandwidth), I’m feeling resticted by it’s “closed in” feel. - ie One MySQL table, no webDav etc.

Therefore I was looking at a low end VPS service where I could setup a webserver (host a wordpress blog), webDav server + FTP for cheap.

Cheapest one I’ve found so far is VPS4Less at 4EUR a month for 1Gb storage + 64Mb RAM. I assume the RAM is the maximum it’s allowed to use. A mate recommended Linode.com but at £14 a month for the smallest option, it’s a bit OTT.

Also, how do they work? I get a default linux install to mess with? Because if thats the case, 1Gb seems mighty small!

Also, how do I go about moving my domain name? I ssume it’s a transfer out/transfer in jobby? 34SP currently own it but I’d like to move it to freeparking (because my main email is there as well and I know I can move DNS servers easy)

some cheap boxes here : http://www.rapidswitch.com/VirtualServers.aspx

they have an offer on untill june… £1 or £2 a month depending on the box you choose to take…

not the foggiest what webdav is tbh

have you checked the scripts ? http://scripts.34sp.com/

There is something at the bottom to do with webdav also this talks about it here… http://support.34sp.com/webdav

also your not limited to 1 database you can purchase more for a small fee check out the upgrade options from logging into your account from the site.

Yeah they do support webdav, but only in the root folder which then screws up my blog - people not allowed webdav access cant post comments.

webdav basically allows you to edit documents whilst on the server. Something similiar to google docs I guess but hosted yourself.

TBH, I’m considering just getting an upgrade with them as the cheapest decent VPS I’ve found is £5. Or possibly opening a second account as I already have a spare domain name.