Vroom Vroom!

I don’t know anyone strong enough to turn the wheel to make it donut, I believe King Kong has died. The cloud of smoke when the engine is running is “spectacular” so I wouldn’t be able to take a picture of it anyway :wink:

Bev loves it and has nicknamed it “Oscar”, apparently it looks like one? :confused:

Local Scania truck repair/MOT bloke is picking it up on rigid tow as soon as he has time to check into the whole “no brakes” minor issue - hopefully very soon.

I don’t know anyone strong enough to turn the wheel

Official “spit coffee moment” for me

So when you buying the fuel truck to partner this beast?

Smoke ?
Didnt smoke when I had a go in it.

But I did only drive forwards 10 feet then reverse it back to where I started. No actual steering movement though

So was that 10 feet away from the diesel pumps and then back again to fill up :eek: Fuel consumption like that could be an issue :slight_smile:

Diesel ?

Petrol at present and place your bets as to how well a 1955 vehicle is prepared for unleaded.


Actually the penny has dropped, when the chap said “it goes like a train” he was right.
Trains dont have steering wheels either !

I’ve got one of those little addative things, about the size of a small tube of tooth paste… you may need a little more though.

So today I get the V5 for DAF Vader and note the address of the previous registered keeper.

It used to live in whitchurch

whitchurch, Cardiff??


Whitchurch, Shropshire probably :slight_smile:

Yep, Shropshire.
The previous owner even has a manual for it somewhere but its all in Dutch.

Just for entertainment I thought I would try the favourite Haynes phrase through babel fish

English “Refitting is a reversal of removal
Dutch “het herstellen is een omkering van verwijdering
Back to English to check it, Oh dear “repairing is an inversion of disposal

I shall just look through the manual for the phrase “klap met een zeer grote hamer” I can do that bit if required.

Right to answer the question I had forgotten about setting the miles per gallon figures are . . … .

Drum roll

On road, 50 Litres/100Km
Off road, 200 Litres/100Km

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

OK, once more in English.

5.64 Mpg on tarmac
1.41 Mpg on the loose


Endre was closest

how Big is the fuel tank?

210 litres plus storage for two more 20L cans.

Might have to invest in a couple of these and fill them up in Ceuta. 211 litres of unleaded was a piddly 150 Euros there.

Of course Martin might want to quit smoking if theres 400 litres of unleaded bouncing around the back of the truck in second hand tanks from Ebay