Vroom Vroom!

Game on then !


LOL @ team name :lol:

Excellent stuff TFW :thumbsup:

/me starts wondering about booking holiday


:lol: Love it :thumbsup:

I’m in line before you to go DT :stuck_out_tongue:

:woot: Fantastic

/me starts to school up on spares for vehicles that are unsuitable for the trip, yes i do watch irc :eek:

Unsuitable ?
Just has to be noisy and a lurid colour.

At present it has an exhaust thats a collection of holes and iron oxide so its a bit noisy.
Its Military Green at the moment but there are plans afoot for a couple of gallons of TANGO ORANGE and black paint to be applied, with rollers. Only the best B&Q Non-drip of course.

I might pop into halfords for a chuckle.

“Got any sparkplugs for a DAF ?”

While you’re there m8 see if they have an overhaul kit for 50-year old air brakes and some seat cushions :slight_smile:

Piccies required!!

Only pictures I have are from Ebay (Somebody lost the camera lead)

Regarding the seats, I might have to do some scrapyard browsing for a couple of armchair like replacements that can be welded in.

Could probably get hold of old defender seats or similar with rails for not much, bound to be an improvement.

Oh, and given that this is “Return Of The Shedi” how about “DAF Vader” as a vehicle name?

:haha: like it :thumbsup: :lol:


Daf Vader it is

Now if I could only find a 24v PA system and a Star Wars voice changer mask somewhere . . . . . . . .

These are not the droids you are looking for

After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that petrol was evidently growing on trees around 1955.
Its the only explanation I can find for this beast to drink so much of it.

A beer at the next Mojos for the person who guesses the MPG for this vehicle.
I’ll be in awe of your google skills if you can give me the offroad MPG as well.

Top speed is 82 KM/h assuming you dont have to refuel before you reach it.

are you sure it’s measured in miles per gallon, not gallons per mile?

off road, oooo let’s guess 12 mpg. on road, 24?

Im guessing more like 2 and 4 :slight_smile:

Well it was expressed in Litres per 100Km

You are some considerable distance from the figures I have before me

140 liters per 100 kilo’s?

Errrm, 50 liters per 100 kilos?

My Golf drinks 20 liters per 100 when I’m on the drag:eek:

It’s here :eek:


It has the fuel economy and turning circle of the QE2, the sitting position is a torturer’s dream, it smells and probably has resident mice, the steering is impossible to turn when moving slowly and visibility is non-existant.

I’m starting to like it :slight_smile:

It’s a bit bigger than the Disco and I thought that was a big lump :scared:

The back looks big enough to carry the fuel your going to need… to get to the motorway.

Already eying up ground anchors and other assorted tat we don’t need for removal.

So ?
Does it do doughnuts ?