W.a.m.t - 2022

Today I found out just how long a car will run without a functioning fuel pump.

If you take the air filter out and saturate it in unleaded it is possible to do a three point turn, repeat until the thing is wedged into a hedge and out of the way.
Do this three times and the engine is now hot enough to open the thermostat and burp out all the air.

I wonder if the new powered by fairy farts fuel is causing mischief in a 1998 Micra

" Nissan

E10 petrol is cleared for use in all models with petrol engines from 1st January 2000. Older petrol models should continue to use E5."


Linked in is getting ideas above its natural place in life.

What it should be

  • A contact point for finding shiny suited recruiters
  • A place to hang your CV up to draw in the Shiny suits
  • Errr that is it really!

What it should not be

  • Somewhere to show off your wedding photos
  • A race to get the most contacts
  • Whacky marketing

I am being brutal with connections, the FRO button is getting daily use.
Connect by all means but IF the activity strays from the should list into the should not list …