W.a.m.t - 2022


Its a part number for a nearly new monitor that didn’t survive a Nerf bullet.
I just wanted to see how long it takes for google and the rest to find it.

Due to my superior skills in buying things that are difficult to fix this part is not available anywhere.

Good Friday annoyed me all day and continues to do so.

However I learned two things

1 - It takes about three hours to get the taste of an airbag out of your mouth - Bad

2 - an Airbag does NOT break your glasses! - This was better news than expected

Re: the second point, Pipe Smokers would not fare well but they are already all dead I think.

Hahaha, funny writing

Have you checked AliExpress?


Something in the clutch area making a racket, just after dealing with the 2nd puncture in as many weeks…these things come in threes right ?

I did but didnt find a single one that matched, 1Ms IPS panel.

Aliexpress gives me the fear, I have doubts over the stuff arriving and given the variety of wrong things out there the scope for the item to be useless to me stopped any progress down that road.

A bigger monitor turned up on Amazon with the same specs for less than the broken one so the owner of the nerf gun paid for the bigger screen instead of mucking about repairing it only to find the driver board has shat itself in protest.

I’ve ordered 2 things off Aliexpress and I’d use them again as a supplier of last resort… My first order was for a set of suitcase wheels that were basically unobtanium from anybody else on this planet… Placed an order for a set of 4 wheels. Was able to track the package throughout it’s journey which took nearly a month. On arrival there was only 3 in the box but after firing off an email to the seller another one was sent and arrived in half the time.

I’ve used them for a work purchase for some tech, the devices were riddled with spyware!

I have a box of camera doorbell intercoms with very little documentation and I decided to just give one a Paddington Stare and see what was going on

It had an ethernet connection for setup and it was something like “Plug this direct to your internet and the device will self configure with no problems”

I can see no problem at all with a home device that has root access on good old fashioned telnet with no actual password.
It has WiFi as well but that doesnt get a mention, the device was gathering SSID’s in a file.
Presumably to find its home wi-fi and have a poke around all of your neighbours networks too.

Just wait until Amazon enables “Sidewalk” on everything…
Oh wait Every Alexa is capable of supporting skynet, errmm I mean SIDEWALK, Skynet is the evil one, I think.

Best to run a quick scan…

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