W***er of the week award

PC Stuart Gray http://web.orange.co.uk/article/quirkies/man_fined_for_blowing_his_nose?pg=13#newscomments

The prospect of only choosing ONE a week will make this a hard task indeed.

After impounding the £10 as “evidence” no doubt.

aye, daily fail articles always diminish my salt supply :wink:

Can we do a ‘Lowfield hostile takeover’-type Google/Yahoo boost on this?

After all PC Stuart Gray deserves maximum exposure for his SHINY BUTTONS, dont you agree? lol

Well we can start with a picture of PC Stuart Gray

and some shiny buttons

And again PC Stuart Gray (on the left)

And because I liked the quirkiness and complete irrelevance perfectly countered by the ladies out on the town in very little clothing the CD cover which has a Stuart/Gray remix on it, allegedly.

Ladies out clubbing always boosts the interest, although I wouldnt turn your back on the one in the black.
Theres a Not really suitable for work B3TA quiz to help you decide.
Better safe than sore is my motto.

What the hell am I doing awake a this time of the morning ?

The one on the left… is that even human?

Which pic Mojo? lol

This is also quite appropriate for PC Stuart very little Gray matter http://i-myshop.info/19-301668-B002QGUFWE-The_Fame_Monster_Deluxe_Edition.html Especially track 11.

anderson / baker / clarke / davies / evans / fowler / george / harris / ingram / james / kenilworth / lewis / mason / newman / owens / phillips / quatermass / russell / stevens / turner / ustinov / vaughan / williams / xerxes / zimmerman


:lol: :haha: Brilliant!! :smiley: I love that old NTNOCNews sketch. :chuckle:

slightly off topic…

Look chaps, if you’re going to mention The Daily Fail, please warn people not to read the readers comments on the articles, or we’ll have a rash or EPIDEMIC of people poking their eyes out with red hot pokers.

The capitals are important. Today, f’rinstance, we are told we’re going to have SIX INCHES of snow. I’ll give ‘em chuffin’ …

He’s nowt. My old fella was a copper, we lived in a section of the street that were police houses. Our next door neighbour was one of the local traffic police and was a total tool, the best one i ever heard of him was that he was walking through the local village, his own mother pulled up to talk to him and had her front wheel on the zig-zags of the pelican crossing so he gave her a 3 point/£60 fine!!! Another time, he used to get a lift to work every day from a local lorry driver, this went on for about 7 months until one day when the driver was dropping him off the copper asked to see his tacho graph card, he didnt have one in so got fined/points for that!!


I think we can work out from that who PC Shiny Buttons biological father may have been, just in case that was ever a mystery.

Case dropped: