Wakey Wakey Anton!

Hello, phww, phww, is this thing on mother?

Ahem, Mr Kjellen, are you still around old chap. Please take notice to vacate your overall Boinc ranking!

It’s taken a while, but I finally got there: http://boincstats.com/stats/compare_graph.php?pr=bo&table=users&id[]=381152&id[]=29766

Who’s next I wonder? :driving:

Nice to see you :wave:

How’s things up your way? Cold yet? :wink:

Strangely enough it’s rather cold outside, but toasty warm in the back room here :smiley:

So come on guys, you going to put up a fight? http://boincstats.com/stats/compare_graph.php?pr=bo&table=teams&id[]=7&id[]=115657

:Scottymodeon:“She’s going as fast as she can Captain. I canny change the laws of physics”:Scottymodeoff: :smiley:

Nice to hear from you Nightlord :wave: How’s things with the Scottish BOINC Clan? Me and my 1.8 Sempron are going as fast as they can but looks like you’re pulling out the stops a bit yourself. Think you might just :stomp: us soon :frowning:

are you cheating again, heating your house with computers instead of ‘real’ heaters :Poke:

Scots Boinc really do seem to be flying a bit :eek: Nice of you to drop by, although could have done with it being a better reason than being stomped !! :smiley:


Nice to hear from you guys.

Well there’s no harm in a light bit of ribbing now and then. I notice The Major has been spotted around these parts too:tiphat:

I’ve been dropping by occasionally, but thought it an opportune moment to say hi!

Anyway, I reckon it will only be another couple of months until a certain Westcountry Farmer feels the heat of the Nightlord GPU’s. :moon:

Hey Nighty, what does your farm consist of these days?

Hi Jugs!

Nothing special…a single quad, a few dual cores and some sundry P4’s etc.

Kept warm and cosy with some snug fitting Nvidia accessories.

Quite amusing to see a dinky little E4300 hitting in excess of 12k per day:D