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As the old topic is beyond my navigation skills under this forum software I have started a new WAMT (What Annoyed Me Today) thread.

Amazon, the online duck and diving shysters have annoyed me today.

I want to buy some Vactan, Ebay has loads.

Its a rust treatment paint, surely its on Amazon.

Not that I can find, but Jeff Bezos’s AI knows exactly what it is and is trying to palm me off, almost literally with absolutely anything else.
Jenolite, Waxoil even Waxoil by Jenolite which I didnt know existed but having tried both in the past and found them individually rubbish its unlikely that a hybrid product will be anything but twice as crap.

Place your bets, if I look on Ebay for it, will it show up on AvaBong for me to buy.

Grrrr, must be time for a beer.

Look for a product called Altrans - made by DEB / Janitol.



This would have suited you TF.
New Bangbus

Yesterday afternoon I had a friend on the phone asking if I could help unload a delivery of a hot tap.

I wandered over and to my surprise it wasn’t a new sink, he had been chuntering about getting a sink with one of those instant hot water taps but the urgent delivery wasn’t a tap.

No, it was a 8 seater Hot Tub, of significant dimension and fabricated from wood thus quite heavy making the uphill journey through an alley and narrow gateway a bit of a chore.

What has annoyed me today is the number of bloody aches and pains this has caused, I may be getting too old for such nonsense.
Time to start planning my mid-life crisis

But first I have to put as many of my left over “We Won The Football!” fireworks into a hopeless tumble dryer and see if I can “blow the bloody doors off”

This is what they need for their hot tub, a floating bowl and drinks carrier, the bowl can carry pretzels or car keys depending on the party plan

Two non existent things annoyed me today.

One is a virtual, shiny can completely empty.

One is a virtual, rusty old can of unknown origin, filled with “worms” which may bite.
The can is beginning to leak.

All I have to do is pack all the worms in the new can, in the right order.

The people that grew the worms have all left the building

pics pics pics pics

Pictures ?


Tumble dryer “Before” picture, modified to now tumble stuff.
If you need a full set of knackered brake pads dried out, it can do that but is quite noisy.
“Will it tumble dry?” is not a dramatic as “Will it blend?”

The After picture will be when it is dry enough outside to light a firework and use an extension lead.

2021 is still turning up things that annoy me.

I ordered a refurb PC and monitor, the monitor supplied was some clever bollocks thing with a docking station built in and it didnt bloody work unless it was laid on its back.
That POS is being collected on Monday (YaY) and a spanking new one is being delivered the same day.

It is being delivered by YODEL
This has scope to be another WAMT post

A quiet night in, dinner is done and I learnt something new about melons.

Under normal circumstances when left to its own devices, a melon becomes ripe, goes in the fridge and gets eaten in slices.

If you should happen to leave it to ripen too long…
It sort of explodes a bit, a melon powered chunder stream.
It sounded like a liquid laugh hitting the floor, cupboard, worktop, kettle, toaster and the cats have left the building, possibly slightly fruit scented now.

Kitchen roll shares should spike when the market opens, much was needed tonight.

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Today I am disillusioned!

I wanted one of those glove box sized jump start units, a pencil case that can start a 6000cc engine or a 4.0 diesel.
So Machinemart delivered one today, it needs charging
what ?
Unplugs charger and reconnects
Engage grump mode

All the time it is charging the PSU makes a noise exactly like a finger round a wine glass.
Bloody thing has been demoted to the garage workbench, it can whine in the dark.

For added grumpiness, I have dragged out a charger to run round the projects and top off the batteries and it appears too late for the first two.
Maybe the whiny box will invigorate things if the bloody rain stops.

Is it too early for Humbug ?

Never too early for a humbug !

Is the whiny box new ?, can it be returned for disturbing the peace ?


The whiny box is new.
It does actually work as long as both car and battery are not in some way borken.

This thing acts as a car barometer, and it has a sort of swing-o-meter result

Fix - The Micra it actually started and ran
Fix - The MG ZS ditto once I put a better battery on it, sounds awesome but not out of the woods*
Flush - The Streetwise 1.8 - It started, ran up to temperature then decided all the coolant was better off in the sump - spiteful bastard.

*It may have decided too have a rattly lifter or the variable intake system has eaten itself.
If 2nd gear between 4000-7000 does not produce the require smile I may be grumpy.
MOT Booking is required for a road test.

But what annoyed me, being old.
There are less attractive alternatives to having a birthday but I had better plan a proper mid-life crisis soon.

Today, like many Friday evenings I ordered a delivered takeaway.
There have been issues in the past but today MY food was not in the bag.

This isn’t a new thing, McDivvies have been cocking up my orders for years.

Today I didnt get a Calzone Pizza.

The bit that annoyed the very fuck out of me was the Deliveroo driver taking the time to double up and cough the very bottom of his lungs onto my path.
Then do it again on the drive.

This man was sick enough to cough splats of phlegm twice in the few seconds he was out of the car.

No longer will I choose this service, I don’t want sick people at my door

Jury service is a right pain in the arse.

being on jury service and in the deliberation room saying “I’ve done worse”, now that’s awkward …

I didnt even get to go in.
It was a Monday start and I got a text Friday before at 16:30 telling me not to bother for Monday
Repeat on Monday,
Repeat on Tuesday
Repeat on Weds to say don’t bother on Thursday or Friday

Friday at 16:30 they wrapped up with a Dont bother next week, your service is done and I was expecting to be in for next week as well.

So in summary, I sacked off arranging interviews that would land in these two weeks, could not arrange anything for my free days as it was too short notice and cannot claim expenses as I didn’t have to actually go in.

Just for extended shiggles, the email address on my CV which is currently flung far and wide is broken.

Plusnet Said:

How will this affect Email?

Some customers may be experiencing difficulties when logging into their Plusnet email account. We are working really hard to fix this as quickly as possible.

So, its only a login problem, not like that affects actually using it much.

When Jason Manford said in the plusnet adverts"That’ll do"
I didnt realise that was a defined end solution for ITIL management.
It certainly seems prevalent in the current level of diagnostics.

Olympic level toss-pots, I need to find some business grade hosted Email and stop being a tightwad.

pains me to say it - but Office365 emails really have been pretty decent

Ionos hosted exchange is nice as well, but O365 comes with lots of other things

The general hubbub on Plusnet leads one to believe new customers will not get a Plusnet email account.

ISP email appears to be dead.

I thought Black Friday meant one of two things

  • Crazy bargains to get you into a shop

  • Crazy people having fist fights over a flat-screen TV that was already the cheapest crap you could buy.

I found a third thing!

I was tasked with buying a new reliable desktop PC with windows-10 and given a budget with caveats
“Not Dell they were rude, Not HP they had driver issues, but a brand name”

I found a Lenovo in budget, I think they used to be IBM but I know a couple of workshops where these give no trouble, so hunt down a bargain time.
Not a rocket ship, it needs to do Office and Youtube cat videos, no gaming or crypto stuff.

So I poke around the Lenovo website and settle on a unit, not the cheapest M80 SFF as that is out of stock, the next one up and it has a “Web Price” tagged, ok so How do I get that price ?

So I add it to the cart and try ticking and unticking options then remove and re-add trying to find the magic path to the mythical Black Friday Web Price.

Then I notice the price has gone UP!

Then it goes up some more, then it went on to six weeks wait time.

Right what else, they have a Ryzen based M75 thing, that creeps up by thirty quid as I try again to get the “web price”

Web search turns up box.co.uk, they have stock of the same unit at £150 less than the Lenovo deal price.

Variable pricing is a new twist, luckily the Internet has alternatives but a great price is normally lower to tempt buyers not higher to skim people as they try and snap up rapidly depleting stock.

HP Webstore does this and it drives me nutts trying to price stuff up but i’ll admit that the Lenovo one of recent takes the prize.