WAMT New 2020 Model

As the old topic is beyond my navigation skills under this forum software I have started a new WAMT (What Annoyed Me Today) thread.

Amazon, the online duck and diving shysters have annoyed me today.

I want to buy some Vactan, Ebay has loads.

Its a rust treatment paint, surely its on Amazon.

Not that I can find, but Jeff Bezos’s AI knows exactly what it is and is trying to palm me off, almost literally with absolutely anything else.
Jenolite, Waxoil even Waxoil by Jenolite which I didnt know existed but having tried both in the past and found them individually rubbish its unlikely that a hybrid product will be anything but twice as crap.

Place your bets, if I look on Ebay for it, will it show up on AvaBong for me to buy.

Grrrr, must be time for a beer.

Look for a product called Altrans - made by DEB / Janitol.



This would have suited you TF.
New Bangbus