Want to blow something up?

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Also describes

A chapter is devoted to detonators (blasting caps), discussing safety, stability on storage, certainty of ignition, initiating power, construction, manufacture, testing, etc. Another chapter is about electric detonators, describing bridgewires, lead wires, fuseheads, fusehead combs, assembly, firing characteristics, etc. Delay detonators have a chapter of their own, showing construction details, delay compositions, plus assembly and design details.

Chapter 12 is all about detonating fuse (“Primacord”). This is one of the few resources we have seen that show exactly how Primacord is manufactured, by both the dry and wet processes. The properties of det fuse is described; low-energy detonating cord and Nonel are also explained.

Another chapter describes the manufacture of safety fuse, with engineering drawings, formulae, properties, testing, and information about “instantaneous fuse” (black match or quick match), igniter cord, etc.

Part Three of the text goes into detail about commercial applications, showing information on cratering, tunneling, mixing and loading ANFO, coal mining, pulsed infusion rounds, quarrying, seismic prospecting, forming metal with explosives, cladding metal with explosives, and the use of shaped charges for tapping blast furnaces. Engine starter cartridges are also explained, as are electrically-actuated devices (explosive motors).

Military grenades, shells, bombs, torpedoes, and shaped charges are explained in one special chapter. Another chapter goes in to the design and manufacture of shotgun, rimfire, and rifle cartridges; ordnance propellants, solid fuel rocket motors, specific impulse, grain design, etc. [/b]

All it needs is a free jumbo rucksack with every copy!

Seems like a damn good read if you ask me.

LOL Great.

and also a good way to get yourself on a list somewhere.

[QUOTE=The Balrog;369826]LOL Great.

and also a good way to get yourself on a list somewhere.[/QUOTE]

:slight_smile: That’s not hard. My friends company sent him to a US branch for a day do some work and forgot to send the proper business paperwork with him. Now he’s on a list (though he doesn’t work for the company anymore). He gets a full search every time he crosses the border now.