Want to run your PC through a 4K TV. Start saving...heavily

Just been reading a test done by Anandtech on the requirements to run PC games through a 4K TV. Scary the kind of gear you’re going to need to run it smoothly


The test setup is as follows:

Intel Core i7-4770K @ 4.2 GHz, High Performance Mode
Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x8GB DDR3-2800 11-14-14
GIGABYTE Z87X-OC Force (PLX 8747 enabled)
Windows 7 64-bit SP1
Drivers: GeForce 320.18 WHQL / Catalyst 13.6 Beta

One test involved using 4xTitanGTX 6gb GPUs!! :eek: Don’t think I will be investing anytime soon :smiley:


Yep! A grand’s worth of gpu’s just to run a £40 game

4??? 4 titans??? Um, yeah. Money is no object if it means I can game on a TV…