Water and Electricity? They do mix!

My lastest eBay snipe:

Water block, 2 swiftech 80mm radiators, Danger Den Pump, Swiftech reservior, 3/4 of a bottle of Zerex coolant, tubing and clamps all used on this project box.

Also included in the snipe was a Swiftech 5 1/4 drive bay reservior, a swiftech chip set water block and and Swifttech GPU water block with all the fittings. Next project will make use of them! :rolleyes:

All that for $100 delivered. :yippee:

nice snipe :thumbsup: :smiley:


Indeed i :tiphat: to you at your sniping abilities.

So whats the goods thats being cooled by it?

Something big, hairy and horrible I fear :scared:

just have to hope that the lack of air that is now going around the case doesn’t heat up the ram too much…

it may sound silly, but it has been known for people with watercooling to forget about there ram… as they are nolonger getting air passed over it which would have came from the cpu fan

2 fans in frontt on the rads, 2 fans in front on the HD, one 80 mm in the side panel and a 120mm in the rear and another 120mm in the PSU exhausting the case heat.

@ Nightlordy, This is not the big hairy one, just a Dual core Opteron 170 with DDR 550 memory! :wink: :nod: Wait till you see the next one! :scared:

:eek: Just wonder what the Major has in store next :chin:

i want a big elaberate watercooling system for multipul Racked machines…

of course, for that, i need the Rack, Computers, the watercooling kits, a giant fishtank [dont ask] and the money to do it all… as u can guess, im not quite there yet…

I gave up water cooling once the Opty’s, 92mm and 120mm HSF’s came out. They’re just as quiet and a lot easier to setup, maintain and work around.:cool:

As for ultimate cooling, the overclocking options aren’t there on the Opteron’s like they were back on the Thunderbirds and Bartons where you could sock the voltage to them and take a 1.33 up to over 2.0 GHz relatively easily with water cooling.

I’ll take a Thermalright XP-??? or Scythe Ninja and a quiet fan over another water cooled system any day.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have a unique problem here in ambient temps get quite high. and increase in cooling is a good thing here. While the WC boxes don’t get you much more performance, there is no need to back off when room temps rise to 37-40C . Todays outdoors temps are going to approach 38C and the house temps will be in the mid to upper 20’s C.

But it is a Dry Heat.! :lol: